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Alside Centurion Windows Reviews

Alside centurion Windows Reviews

When looking into new windows for your home, you want to believe all of the great things the manufacturer’s website has to say about them. But since all of the websites say great things about the windows they sell, it is hard to know which ones are really good and which ones are lacking. That is why it is a good idea to look through Alside centurion windows reviews (or Allside) from consumers and contractors.

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The Alside Centurion windows hold a really old design. They are mechanically fastened at the corners on the frames and sashes rather than with welded corners that has been more the norm within the industry in recent years. The Centurion line is the bottom in the range of replacement windows that come from Alside. Some stores have even discontinued the line and have replaced it with the Fusion window series.

Some consumers still buy these windows. This happens especially if budget is a concern. For a price driven buyer, these windows look pretty good. Price is always an important factor in buying new windows. But these windows evidently leave a lot to be desired and you may be better off paying more and getting better windows.

Some buyers who purchase the windows have no problems with them. One homeowner says he bought 20 of the centurion windows and has them for five years with no issues at all. They were tight and draft free through wind, snow and rain. They also open and close easily and install in a simple manner.

There are other buyers who have the opposite experience and report cold air drafts, condensation, and improper opening and closing. These buyers have trouble getting through to the Alside company and have to make multiple phone calls to get any help. Then, they are told that the issues aren’t covered under the warranty and the company cannot do anything about them.

A few contractors call the windows a waste of good money. They say the windows are drafty and of poor quality. They often have to replace weatherstripping and sashes and they sometimes make the energy bills worse than they were before. Contractors admit that the windows are sturdy, but they are also drafty and the warranties do not get customers very far.

With all that being said, it might be best to look into different, more modern designs even if the price tag is higher.

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