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Alside Excalibur II Windows Reviews

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There are a lot of windows on the market and it can be hard to decide which ones are best for you and your location. When looking into Alside, check out the various Alside Excalibur II windows reviews before you buy the Excalibur II windows. These windows, for example, are created more for those who live on the west coast. If that is not you, you might want to go a different direction right from the start.

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  • Sheffield
  • Sheffield II
  • Ultramaxx
  • 8000 Series

The Excalibur II windows are designed to go into homes that have stucco exteriors, which is a more typical style along the west coast. Alside has a regular Excalibur as well as an Excalibur II and while the name is nearly identical, there are differences between the two window series.

The Excalibur II has stucco flange on the exterior to allow installing the windows on stucco homes to be as simple as possible. This design can be used anywhere, but it is most common along the west coast. It is sometimes seen in the Midwest and even more rarely along the east coast.

These windows are supposed to compete in design and pricing with windows that have standard features from other companies. They are made in a manufacturing plant in Arizona as well as one in Washington. And Alside will ship these vinyl windows to any state in the country.

Any replacement windows can cost quite a bit, but the style, features, and installation rates make the prices vary. Similar windows and installations can vary quite a bit in range depending on the window and the installer as well as the specific project at hand. You can expect the Excalibur II to cost anywhere from $300-400 and that includes installation.

What you are getting is a basic window that looks nice and can fit in well with stucco housing units. The windows are a more seamless match than those you might find from other companies. Customers say that they have a great experience with them and they look nice and are even energy efficient replacements for old windows. Satisfied clients have also commented on their nice appearance and on the fact that they are very thin.

There are some customers that do not think they fit in as well as they should and do not see the energy savings they hoped to receive. However, more of the customers have good things to say than bad.

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