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Alside Excalibur Windows Reviews

Alside Excalibur Windows Reviews

If you are considering Alside Excalibur windows, it is a good idea to read Alside Excalibur windows reviews in order to see what consumers as well as contractors think about the products, the costs, the overall prices and the company’s customer service. You will likely find varied reports, as is true with almost any product. You can pick and choose what you believe from what you find.

Alside Excalibur Windows Reviews Table of Contents

  • Mezzo
  • Sheffield
  • Sheffield II
  • Ultramaxx
  • 8000 Series

The Alside Excalibur windows are said to be some of the best windows on the market by some users. Contractors who have installed these windows as well as others say that these are above many of the others out there. It is important for buyers to understand that installation is key to enjoying these windows. The warranty on these windows only covers many items if the windows are put in properly. IF they are installed incorrectly, the warranty is voided in many instances. If you choose these windows, be very careful who you choose to install them.

Alside Excalibur Windows Complaints

There are consumers out there that are very unhappy with the windows themselves as well. Some say they have had the windows for a year and they are already leaking air. That is not a good thing during the winter when it causes the house to be cold and drafty. When consumers buy new windows and the new windows do not seem to be any better than the old ones in terms of performance, there’s a problem. The issue here could be installation, but it’s hard to tell either way.

While some contractors seem to love these windows, others think they have a poor design and even lesser manufacturing. The numbers on these windows in the labs are good, but not great. And once they are installed, they are more likely to leak because of the overall poor production quality. Things can vary quite a bit from the lab and into homes. Numbers look good, but that does not mean they will translate over into regular homes.

Alside Excalibur windows are often compared to OKNA windows, which are double the price. You can get these Alside windows for around $300 with installation. That sounds reasonable when you look at other prices. It is hard to justify turning over twice as much money for other windows. But when it comes to high quality windows, they generally only come at a high cost. You don’t want to run into issues with installation or the windows themselves.

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