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Alside Fusion Windows Reviews

Alside fusion window reviews from a trusted source

The Fusion Windows Series is one of Alside’s most recent offerings. These windows are designed to be a low end product, and are aimed at people who are unlikely to use them in their main residence. Having said that, they are still reasonably good quality windows, however definitely not market leaders.

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  • Mezzo
  • Sheffield
  • Sheffield II
  • Ultramaxx
  • 8000 Series

Essentially, Alside re branded its’ now defunct Excalibur Windows Series, to reduce the manufacturing costs and give it a new lease of life. For a long time, Excalibur Windows were Alside’s most successful product line, with countless units sold and installed in households up and down America each year. The new Alside Fusion Windows only differ from Excalibur in a few respects. The differences include the removal of balance covers, a change to lighter roll formed frames (from the previous heavy gauge screen frames), and a change to single strength glass (from the previous double strength glass).

Unlike painted wooden windows, the sashes and vinyl mainframes on Fusion Windows don’t split, rot, pit or corrode. They don’t warp or swell either. Each sash tilts in to provide easy cleaning, and these windows will retain their aesthetic appeal, outside and in, with little maintenance. The sill’s bulb seal offers additional protection from air infiltration, dirt and dust. The multi chambered mainframe and sash generates insulating spaces of air, for extra thermal efficiency. Hassle free operation and increased stability is provided, thanks to the extruded lift rails, and the sloped sill ensures that the water drains on the outside of the windows. Furthermore, the sash meeting rails have a composite reinforced interlock, which provides extra comfort and strength.

The warranty that comes with Alside Fusion Windows is one aspect that compares favorably with many of the more expensive models. This includes a lifetime warranty on the vinyl, glass seal, screen frames, moving parts and screens, as well as a twelve month warranty on labor. Installation is not covered, although this might be provided by the installation firm. Glass breakage is not covered either, although Alside offers an optional warranty, which is not included if the customer doesn’t purchase it.

Many of these things, such as the hardware and screens, are not normally included in other windows warranties. Most Alside Fusion Windows reviews agree that these windows are fine for landlords or house flippers. However, if you intend to live in the property yourself, you can get far better value by opting for an upgraded model.

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