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Alside Geneva Windows Reviews

Alside Geneva Windows Reviews

Alside geneva windows Reviews vary as much as reviews for any window, or any other product for that matter. The Alside Geneva window is unique because it is a hybrid product that has welded sashes and a frame that fastens mechanically. The unusual design is unique and unlike any other window on the market today.

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Alside Geneva windows mechanically fasten within the frame and that allows them to be installed easier in square openings. The easier the install, the better the chance that the installer will get it right no matter who you hire. The welded sashes then provide the strength the window needs. At least this is how the company pitches the windows to customers.

In reality, the design is rather old and on its way out. There are no other windows like this on the market because there are newer, better ways of making windows today. This line is being discontinued in many stores because of its old design. When it originally came out, it was worthwhile for homeowners to invest in these windows because it was new and innovative and worked well in comparison to the windows in older homes. However, today, there are many other windows that perform to much higher levels.

These windows still have a large following and they still sell rather well, though experts on windows are unsure as to why this is the case. Price is often a factor to homeowners and when that is true, these windows can look pretty good. Especially if buyers do not understand that they are getting a design that is basically going out of business because it is too old school to work well anymore.

The consumer reviews are polarizing. Some are happy with the Alside Geneva windows and say that after a number of years, they have had no problems with them. Others say that after two days, the windows leak air and collect condensation, among other problems. Those who have tried to contact Alside have trouble getting through even after a number of calls and attempts. And when the warranty comes into question, the issues are often overridden because of improper installation or other technicalities. It is hard to get much help when things go wrong so make sure these are the windows you really want and that you are comfortable sitting with the result, whatever it may be. Otherwise, you might want to look into paying more and getting more.

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