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Alside Windows Reviews

Alside window reviews

When browsing through the Alside windows Reviews, you will quickly find that there are a lot of options. Alside has been around for 65 years and has a large collection of windows. Some are designed for beauty while others give you high performance. There are also easy to operate windows and those that are highly energy efficient. In order to understand what you are getting for the money you are paying, it is good to review each window to consider the options.

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The Centurion windows have double barrier weatherstripping to help protect the frame from the elements. This is a great idea, but some reviewers say it doesn’t always work, especially after a few years of hard use and bad weather. The windows are more energy efficient than past windows, but they are still not the top of the line. But they do help reduce energy efficiency over older models.

These windows have insulated glass that improves the window’s performance even in places that have seasons in which the climate changes. This is a benefit in midwest states and other areas that have cold winters and hot summers. The sloped sill on the window forces water to drain outside the window instead of leaking in.

The fusion windows attempt to give you thermal protection all year round so you don’t have to worry about hot or cold air leaking from your home and being wasted. They look nice and have a minimum amount of upkeep. Reviewers complain that the company talks about the lack of maintenance too much when in reality, windows need cleaning and regular attention to look nice.

If you want energy savings all year long, the Excalibur is a good choice. This window is known for having a dramatic look and increases the amount of glass that is available. This is a good thing for letting light in. If you want a low maintenance window you don’t have to clean, you might want to choose another.

Excalibur II
The heightened version of the Excalibur gives you even more strength and beauty in a window. You get quite a good value with this window and you should because it isn’t cheap. You will get more light into even your darkest rooms and you will still keep the elements out.

These windows meet the hard core 2015 energy star requirements, which says a lot about how they are built. They have a narrow frame and sash so the frame does not show that much in daylight. They interlock in a way that gives them high performance. Some reviewers state that they look a bit unconventional since there is not much of a frame. They are a unique style and not something you see every day. But they can give you some tax breaks due to the energy star ratings.

These windows are known for being the best choice for beauty as well as strength. They are said to be good energy savers as well, though not all customers saw the savings they wanted. The windows are engineered in a different manner than others to give them more energy saving options. They are also easy to operate. Customers have commented that they go up and down or in and out very easily even after years of use.

Sheffield II
These windows are welded and vinyl. They give you a good performance and are built to have a nice appearance and trouble free operations. They look and feel much like the Sheffield I, but have some differences in style

The Ultramaxx is much like the Sheffield, though it differs slightly in appearance. This window is also the height of beauty on the market and can give you energy savings. Some consumers think they are harder to open than they should be since they are touted to be very easy to operate. But they look nice and can save you a bit on energy bills.

8000 Series
This series has everything you can imagine including triple panes, insulation, two layers of low-E, a spacer system, options like double hung and others among other things. The windows are rather pricey, but when it comes to windows, you often get what you pay for. You don’t want to buy a window that is too cheap. The reviewers that have complained about these windows mostly have issues because of bad installation. Choosing the right installer is very important when it comes to the 8000 series windows.

There are plenty of other alside windows reviews out there and the customers do not always specify which windows they purchased. Some say that they have had Alside windows for ten years and they are still holding strong and doing a good job. Others say they have problems within a month of installation.

One of the biggest complaints is about the window sashes. Some buyers have had them fail on a regular basis. The company will mail new ones free, but some customers find it a waste of their time to replace them all of the time. Others complain about the warranty on the windows. While the language in the warranty might sound good and appear to be on the up and up, customers who try to use it sometimes find that Alside will do anything to get out of it. For example, if the glass cracks, you might find that the warranty covers only cracks that are caused from a seal failure and not from anything else. Those loop holes end up costing the consumer and not the company.

There are also complaints about the wind howling noise that can occur through the windows. This could be from a faulty installation job, but the consumer ends up blaming the windows themselves. Others talk about the locks that are hard to close and scrape off the finish even though the company says that the windows are simple and easy to use in every manner. Getting new parts from the company is possible, but sometimes takes weeks.

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