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American Craftsman 50 Series Window Reviews

American Craftsman 50 Series windows reviews, ratings and complaints explained.

Homeowners looking for replacement or new windows may want to consider American Craftsman windows by Andersen. The 50 Series windows are vinyl, with many extra features that keep them operating as they should. While they are vinyl, they are designed to last and look good from the home’s exterior. Find out what these windows can provide by reading American Craftsman 50 Series Window Reviews below.

American Craftsman 50 Series Windows Reviews Table of Contents

Design and Features

First, the 50 Series windows come in all the styles of the other window lines. So, any homeowner who wants to replace special windows, sliding glass doors, and double hung windows can purchase them all from American Craftsman.

The newer 50 series is designed to be easy to install and replace. The windows are made of low maintenance vinyl. It never needs to be painted and shouldn’t ever be painted, as this could void the warranty. In the double hung windows, both the bottom and top sash operate, for easy access. Both top and bottom will pivot inward for easy cleaning as well.

In the sliding glass patio doors, there is a style with the adjustable blinds inside. This eliminates the need for cleaning and maintenance of blinds. They can be raised or lower, as well as slanted at any angle. However, the blinds are between the two panes of glass. This eliminates the safety hazards of long cords. Homeowners with small children or pets can have the blinds they want without the hassles and risks.

The windows in the series are made to be energy efficient. However, features like dual weather stripping make them even more efficient. Added to dual or triple-paned windows, this feature helps homeowners reduce home energy costs for heating and cooling.

The exterior of the 50 series windows included added style on the exterior. This is a great feature for homeowners who want to give their home extra curb appeal.


The 50 series windows come in two colors: white and beige. The color is consistent in the frame and sash, so nicks or scratches are less visible, should they occur due to accidents or untended mishaps.

Grills are available for those who want windows with multiple sections. Grills can be added in one of two ways. They can be placed between the panes of glass, for easy cleaning. The other option is on both the inside and outside of the window. Grills can be flat or rounded. There are 7 existing grill patterns. But, homeowners can have custom grills made within their windows.

Price and Value

A single hung sliding window can be purchased for just under $100. It will cost slightly more if installation is required, at about $150 per window. A double hung window will cost around $150 without installation. A sliding glass patio door will cost around $325 without installation.

The 50 series windows from American Craftsman represent a good value for homeowners looking to buy new windows. They are made with the best window construction technology available. Color options, add-ons like grills, and the exterior style provide extra value for homeowners who want attractive, functional windows, but have a limited window budget. Most buyers are satisfied with the quality of the windows, though some have been slightly disappointed with the installation.

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