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American Craftsman 70 Series Windows Reviews

American Craftsman 70 series windows reveiws and ratings

American Craftsman vinyl replacement windows are manufactured by Andersen Windows. They are sold through home depot outlets across America. Apparently, the 70 Series pro double hung windows are designed to facilitate window replacement, and offer durability, high performance and energy savings.

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The fusion welded sash and vinyl frame provides robust weather-tight corners, and curb appeal is enhanced thanks to the attractive frame design. The bottom sash and tilt in top are simple to clean, and the clever balance system makes opening this window easy. The glass is energy efficient and will reduce cooling and heating expenses. Customized sizes are offered for an exact, weather-tight installation.

The frame is cleanly designed, with consistent side and top profiles, and an eye catching rounded exterior glazing bead. The available colors include beige, white and dark bronze. The color is uniform throughout the sash and frame, so scratches are barely visible. The low profile tilt latches blend in with the window, and the hardware is colored to suit the window, and manufactured to ensure smooth operation.

A range of energy saving glass options are offered. Low E3 glass is the most efficient option available. This delivers significant savings on cooling and heating expenses, and blocks ninety-five percent of dangerous UV rays that make home furnishings fade. Obscure glass conceals or distorts the view from the window to ensure privacy, while Low E glass keeps properties comfortable throughout the year, and reduces utility bills.

Other glass options include tempered glass, which is perfect for use when safety glass is required. It can be used adjacent to doors, above tubs or in any location specified by the law. Speak to your building code representative to find out the building code rules for your state. When tempered glass shatters, it breaks into stone sized pieces, rather than bigger glass slivers or shards. This lowers injury risks. Low E LS glass is a low solar option offered in southern states. This blocks more solar heat than normal transparent glass, which helps to lower SHG (Solar Heat Gain). This is helpful for satisfying the numerous stringent code requirements, which often exist in southern regions.

These windows also come with two grille options, to enhance the appearance of your property. You can permanently apply the imitation divided light grilles to the exterior and interior of your window. This will give a more authentic appearance. The grilles are easy to clean, because they are positioned in between the glass. There are a range of grille patterns to choose from, including colonial, colonial upper sash, prairie and diamond. Customized options are available as well.

Most American Craftsman 70 Series Windows reviews agree that this product is not the most attractive, or of the highest quality. However, it does have its’ place. If you require fixtures for a rental home, or temporary windows, the 70 Series is OK. Try to hire a third party installer though, because the large stores often use cheap installers. Although good installers won’t make your windows more attractive or stronger, they will at least reduce drafts and leaks.

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