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American Craftsman 7400 Window Reviews

American craftsman 7400 series windows reviews

If you are looking into getting new windows, you will have a lot of things to consider. Budget is always a concern, but you will want a certain quality and look as well. You can tell some things from the window’s website, but you will also want to look at American Craftsman 7400 Window Reviews in order to see what those who have bought the windows in the past enjoy or dislike about the windows.

American Craftsman 7400 Series Windows Reviews Table of Contents

When it comes to American Craftsman windows, you are actually getting something from the Anderson window company. Anderson created American craftsman and then changed the name. Some people say they sell it under a different name so it does not reflect poorly on the Anderson name. American craftsman sells very low quality, inexpensive windows. When there are issues, Anderson wants the American craftsman name blamed and not Anderson.

The 7400 series sounds pretty decent when you look things up about those windows. They have a variety of frames available so you can use these windows in new constructions or are replacements. They are supposed to have an energy efficient design that will lower heating and cooling bills. And they have dual-weatherstripping, which should eliminate drafts and give you more comfort. The windows are vinyl and should not have to be painted. They should be rather low maintenance in other ways as well. You can get them in custom sized and you have easy installation options with weathertight seals. There are also plenty of features and options that go into these windows. You can choose between two colors, the type of glass, the frame style and many other things.

However, windows that cost very little are often very low in quality as well. That is what happens with these windows. Though they might sound good, especially because of their low cost, you get what you pay for, which, with these windows, does not add up to much. Though the company says the vinyl is low maintenance and never has to be painted, customers find that after a season or two with these windows, the vinyl starts to crack and peel. This makes the appearance of the windows go way down. The windows are also supposed to eliminate drafts, but customers complain that they are drafty even right after installation. And this only gets worse as time goes by and the windows deteriorate.

If you need a temporary window for a rental property or for some other reason, these inexpensive windows might be a good option so you do not waste much money. However, if you want something higher in quality that will last and do a good job, you may need to look at other options.

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