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American Craftsman 7500 Series Windows Reviews

American Craftsman 7500 series windows reveiws and ratings, complaints.

When you consider buying windows for your home, rental property, new construction, or anywhere else, it is an investment. You will want to understand what type of window you are getting so that you are not disappointed in the results. No one wants to waste money. It is a good idea to read through the manufacturer’s website to see what qualities the windows hold. But keep in mind this will not give you an idea of what customers actually experience. Reading American Craftsman 7500 Window Reviews is also a good idea so you know what you are getting into when you buy these windows.

American Craftsman 7500 Series Windows Reviews Table of Contents

The 7500 windows have frame options available so you can use them are replacements, remodeling projects, or even on new constructions. They are supposed to have an energy efficient design that includes dual weatherstrips to eliminate drafts and give you more energy efficiency in the home. They are also made from low maintenance vinyl that does not need to be painting and they come in custom sizes. They have some options to consider as well like impact resistant glass for areas that have heavy storms. And they have folding hardware so that you do not have to worry about them getting in the way of window treatments.

These windows come in two different colors: beige and white. The color is consistent and they are scratch resistant. There are also frame options including buck frames and nailing fin frames. There are even different lock types and colors as well as grille choices and patterns. You can also choose between four different kinds of class including low-e and low-e3, among others.

All of the options and features might sound pretty good, but when you read what others have to say about the windows, you will soon realize they are a low end, low quality window. They are vinyl, but the materials are cheap and can easily crack and show their age and wear and tear over the years. They can also be rather drafty, even after they are first installed. This issue only gets worse as time goes by and things happen to the windows.

These windows are low end and do not cost nearly as much as other windows. The cost makes them appealing but if you are expecting a great window for this low of a cost, you are not going to get it. If you need something temporary, these work well.

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