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American Craftsman 9500 Windows Reviews

American Craftsman 9500 Series windows reviews and complaints revealed

When you read American Craftsman 9500 Windows Reviews, you will see that some people appreciate the job the windows do while others have issues with the product. The manufacturer website says that the 9500 series is weather tight, never needs painting, and is easy to install. It also claims that the windows have an energy efficient design that is guaranteed to lower your heating and cooling bills in order to eventually pay for the cost of the window. But manufacturer websites will always say good things about the products they make and sell. In order to get the full picture, look at what others say about them as well.

American Craftsman 9500 Series Windows Reviews Table of Contents

There are customers who have bought the 9500 windows that are not satisfied with the results they receive. They complain that the windows have cheap materials and minimum standards. Some customers say the windows are good for making a house look nice and being able to state that you the home just received new windows, but they are not good if you want high quality windows.

American Craftsman is actually owned by Anderson windows. The Anderson company changed the name to sell a different type of windows and they are a very low quality window. If you want windows that are cheap in cost, these are perfect for you. But remember, with windows, you get what you pay for. They are not high quality windows and the design makes them leaky and drafty even right after installation. The vinyl on the windows is also cheap materials and can warp and crack easily. That will make the leaks even worse after a few seasons go by. This makes the efficiency levels go down quite a bit and the appearance of the windows suffers too.

While many customers claim that these are not good windows, they do say that there is a time and place to buy the windows. If you have a need for a temporary window in a rental property, this window might be a good fit. It is cheap and you will not waste a lot of money on something that you intend to have in on a temporary basis.

If you look at consumer reports, you will see that American craftsman gets high ratings. But when you look at the 9500 windows in the stores, you will notice a difference in appearance and operation. It is obvious why they are low in price.

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