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American Craftsman Windows Reviews

American Craftsman window reviews and ratings explained

Replacement or new windows in a home are an important part of the style. But they also influence the amount of light coming in and the level of comfort inside. Good windows that serve their purpose not only let in light, but help keep heating and cooling costs in check. They can influence how comfortable the home is inside. Nobody likes a home that is drafty or cold around the windows. To find out which styles may work for your home, read the American Craftsman Windows Reviews below. You can then decide which models may be best suited to your home.

American Craftsman Windows Reviews Table of Contents

9500 Series

This series consists of energy star rated windows in a vinyl frame and sash. While they can be painted, the manufacturer states that painting them may void the warranty. These windows are available in the low E argon gas option, with UV protection coating, in double or triple panes.

One of the features many homeowners don’t like is that American Craftsman does not use virgin vinyl. This gives the frames and sashes a bluish tint, which may or may not be acceptable to homeowners. However, the costs for these windows, when compared to other brands, is much lower. The finish is rougher than other models, according to buyers. However, they can be suitable as replacement for those on a budget, who want to replace original wood frame windows.

8500 Series

This series is also energy star rated. When installed properly and care for properly, they can increase the efficiency of the home’s heating and cooling systems. Like the 9500 series, these windows come in all the common styles, including single hung, double hung, casement, gliding, and awning windows. They are also vinyl framed windows, which are designed to resist mold and mildew. The 8500 windows must be installed properly, in order to get the best result.

The 70 Series

The new 70 series windows consists of a vinyl frame with corners fused together, for an airtight fit. They also feature a more decorative frame than many models. They make excellent replacement windows, as they are also designed to keep the home comfortable and to reduce energy costs.

Though many homeowners are tempted to paint their vinyl windows, the 70 series may reduce this temptation. They are available in three color choices: white; beige; and bronze. A new balancing system makes opening and closing easier on the double hung windows.

The 50 Series

This series features the new sliding glass patio doors, with many desirable features. The model with built in blinds features blinds between the two panes of glass. They can be raised, lowered, or tilted just like regular blinds. The advantage is that they are not exposed to moisture or dust, so they stay crisp and clean looking. The built in blinds make using blinds in the home safer, as there are no pull cords to keep away from pets and small children. The 70 series includes casement and specialty windows, for homes with unique windows that become focal points of the home.

The Company

American Craftsman has been manufacturing windows for six decades. The company is currently owned by Andersen. The company has earned a reputation for making durable products that meet the needs of the average homeowner. However, they carry high end products for special projects and to meet the needs of a variety of homes and homeowners.

American Craftsman windows do come with a limited lifetime warranty. To ensure windows maintain their warranty, they must be maintained as directed. This is where many homeowners get into trouble. They may attempt to install the windows themselves or use contractors that aren’t skilled in installing vinyl replacement windows. Homeowners should avoid painting the vinyl window frames if they expect the warranty to be honored.


American Craftsman windows are designed to last, with typical use. They are no better or worse than comparable brands. American Craftsman does not offer windows other than vinyl. The company appears focused on producing vinyl replacement windows for a variety of homeowner situations.

Where to Buy American Craftsman

Homeowners have some choice in how they purchase replacement windows. If they plan on installing the windows themselves or have someone to install them, they can order the windows directly from Andersen. Others can select and order their windows from a nationwide DIY store, complete with installation. It is not necessary to use the DIY store installation if homeowners want to put the windows in themselves. An advantage of ordering them from the DIY store is that homeowners may be able to view the various styles and construction of the windows.

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