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Andersen Windows Reviews


Choosing new and replacement window installation is sometimes a difficult decision. Andersen has been offering windows to homeowners for decades. The company manufactures many types of windows for the home, including sliding, casement, and gliding, bay, and specialty windows. For a better understanding of the quality and product line available, read the Andersen windows reviews below.

Andersen Windows Reviews Table of Contents

  • Andersen A-Series
  • Andersen E-Series
  • Sliding Patio Doors
  • American Craftsman Vinyl Windows by Andersen
  • Silver Line Vinyl Windows by Andersen

Let’s Talk about Quality and Brand

Andersen has been making windows for decades. The company has become well known and is almost a household name – in fact, many have commonly misspelled Andersen, as “Anderson windows” instead of the later. Many homeowners who have used Andersen replacement windows in the past are still using them and are happy with the quality.

However, some newer models don’t quite meet the expectations of buyers. Some people don’t like the 200 series vinyl wrapped wood windows. They say the windows feel cheap in quality. However, those who have had the 400 series installed recommend them to other homeowners. The quality appears higher and buyers say the 400 windows feel solid.

The 100 series windows are easy to paint, so they may be ideal for remodel and replacement projects. Though some are dissatisfied with various models, overall, they keep out drafts and cold. This is something many homeowners look for in replacement windows, especially in older homes with the original windows and frames.

What are some basic Andersen windows Prices?

Installers believe Andersen windows prices are a good value and are easy to install, if homeowners choose the right models. For instance, installers say the 400 tilt wash models are moderately priced and perform as expected. Some models, however, are believed to be slightly overpriced.

Prices for the 100 series start at just under $190. This is comparable to other models of comparable quality and is about average for a basic window. Some companies may offer discounts when homeowners have several installed. The average cost for a basic double hung, 100 series window installed, is around $225.

Casement windows installed will cost around $275 for the 100 series and about $390 for a 400 series window. These prices are in line with competing brands available through window and door companies and through home improvement retailers. Gliding windows are more than double the cost of double hung sliding windows. However, picture windows are reasonable. A 400 series picture window can cost as little as $260 with installation. The 400 series bay window can cost as much as $2,000 installed.

Where can you buy Andersen windows?

Andersen windows are still popular among installers and are carried by several home improvement big-box retailers including: Home depot, Menards, and Lowes. Therefore, the cost of ordering and having them installed will be lower than brands less readily available.

The 400 series Andersen windows are said to be some of the most flexible, in terms of meeting homeowner needs. They are believed to represent the best value of the various lines made by Andersen. Because the brand is readily available, homeowners can visit a local DIY store to compare styles and models, before choosing the right windows for their home. They can discuss the various qualities and features with window experts, ensuring they get the right products to meet their needs and quality expectations.

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