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Atrium Windows Reviews

atrium windows reviews

There are many Atrium windows reviews online, which are helpful if you are looking to enhance your property. Atrium is the biggest door and windows manufacturer in North America, and its’ windows are produced in accordance with stringent quality guidelines. The firm was originally founded in 1948, in Rural Hall, NC. Atrium windows are commonly used by re modelers, builders, retailers, lumberyards and contractors. The firm distributes its’ large product range, via centers located in twenty-three American States. Also, the firm has more than 7000 staff members.

Atrium Windows Reviews Table of Contents

  • Series 8900
  • Series 8700
  • Series 8300
  • Series 8100
  • Series 8050
  • Series 5700

  • Series 700
  • Series 700
  • Series 450
  • Masterview
  • Heirloom
  • Dynasty
  • Aspirations


Atrium windows have a deserved reputation for affordability and quality. There is no other firm that offers such a large range of business and residential windows. These windows are produced using aluminum and vinyl. The low e glass has a thin silver layer, which deflects heat from the sun and only permits natural light to enter a property.

The Atrium Masterview sliding glass doors have an adjustable dual wheel ball bearing assembly. This works on an elevated track for seamless sash operation. The mortise locking system and crescent design handles are fashionable and offer effective security. The easy to maintain vinyl frames have color integrated throughout their design, which makes them attractive and durable. These frames can have a white finish if desired. Also, customers can choose whether to have nail fin frames or flush fin block. This facilitates clean and fast installation, in several different wall conditions.

The Atrium Heirloom picture windows have insulated warm edge glass, to reduce condensation and improve thermal performance. The vinyl, multi chamber profiles also help to enhance structural integrity. Customers can choose between block frame and integral, pre punched mounting flange construction. This makes installation simple in a range of wall conditions. The insulated glass unit is three quarters of an inch thick, and offers energy conserving thermal efficiency. The vinyl frames are available in an almond or white finish, and are extremely low maintenance. Furthermore, the integral color scheme ensures that they will remain attractive for a long time. The welded corners feature precision mitered fusion, which gives additional weather resistance and structural strength. These windows can be customized to different geometric shapes as well.

The force coil balance on the Atrium 8700 double hung series allows for smooth sash movement, and the fusion welded frame adds strength and improves thermal performance. The sash has a rounded appearance, which looks rather elegant. It is easy to position the sashes for comfortable ventilation, thanks to the button operated night latches. The sashes are user friendly, due to the slender lift rails. Air filtration can be reduced, via the double fin weather stripping, and the cam keeper and lock improves security. The beveled mainframe gives these windows a fashionable appearance, and the sloped sill facilitates water run off. Full screen is optional and half screen comes as standard. This can be removed from the inside. These picture windows are available in almond and white colors, as well as a range of rectangular and customized shapes.

Some Atrium customers claim that their windows become damaged over the long term. Others complain that certain features of the windows, such as the grid patterns, are not even. According to some Atrium windows reviews, the frames on these windows become dented and crooked only a few days after installation. Reportedly, the window frames have cracked corners, black smudging and obvious peeling. Nonetheless, Atrium does offer customers a limited and transferable warranty on all of its’ products. Therefore, if any problems are encountered, it is a simple matter to have the windows replaced quickly, at no extra charge.

Atrium windows are certified by the National Wood Door and Window Association (NWWDA), the National Management and Accreditation Institute (NAMI) and the US Architectural Manufacturer’s Association (AAMA). The sealing on these windows prevents drafts, and makes them durable and energy efficient. Also, these windows come with U factor, R factor and SHGC labels, to demonstrate how they comply with tough environmental regulations. Atrium windows, which are used in buildings located close to the sea, have labels showing that they comply with stringent coastal building standards.

Atrium windows are safe and strong, and the firm provides good quality installation services and customer support. Their windows are ideal for buildings where mold and condensation are beginning to destroy the structure. The different series of windows are intended to suit the budgets of all customers. Typically, people opt for Atrium windows, due to their faithful compliance with environmental and manufacturing standards. Better still, customers can receive a tax deduction of as much as thirty percent, if they install Atrium windows in their properties. This is because these windows adhere to the energy conserving SHGC rules. The firm funds a window safety week each year, to teach those who work in the construction industry about safe window practices.

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