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Champion 2500 series windows reviews

Champion 2500 series windows reviews

When the time comes to replace your old windows, the real issue is not generally the quality level of the window itself, but rather the professionalism and attention to detail shown by the local installers. Even the best windows will have problems if they are simply thrown into the holes and caulked to fit. Champion is neither the best nor the worst window company in the nation, and has the same sort of installation problems as any other firm in the business.

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This difficulty has been intensified in the last several years by the government’s policies to encourage increased home energy efficiency via tax credits and rebates. This has led to a massive boom in window installations at a time when the pool of construction labor was decimated by the 2008 crash. As a result, there are many crews who are less skilled than the industry standard of the past and they are swamped with orders–most of which pays piecework. This means that they make more money the faster they get done, regardless of what sort of problems they create from a warranty standpoint down the road.

Reading any Champion 2500 series windows review reveals the struggles that some localities are having with this problem even while others appear to be enjoying great windows and smooth installations. As long as they are installed properly, most customers report high levels of satisfaction with the 2500s, particularly in regard to how easy to maintain and clean they are. Yet there are many complaints about unprofessional installations and slovenly or non-existent warranty service.

Until things slow back down, it may well be the best course of action to find your own crew to install your windows, no matter what brand you buy. For many people, this is not practical and thus they are trapped with the installation options on offer from their local franchisee. It may be possible to request a meeting with the crew beforehand and then you can see if you have confidence in their ability to do the job.

One other thing needs to be mentioned about Champion windows and that is their multi-level price structure, which begins with a salesman quoting something very high and then stepping down, and stepping down until they find a price point that the customer is comfortable with. This generally means that you need to stick to your guns in order to get a good deal, or else you end up paying too much when the salesman still had some additional wiggle room in his quote.

Finally, keep in mind that the way to obtain prompt warranty service from any national operation is not to complain to the local distributor in the event of a problem, but to the national company whose reputation stands behind the product. It is relatively easy to discount a complaint from a homeowner but much more difficult to resist pressure when it comes from a higher corporate level.

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