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champion 7100 series windows Reviews

Champion 7100 series windows reviews

When it comes to browsing the reviews of any window company, the problem is that people are looking at very recently installed windows. Naturally, all new windows look great in comparison to the old dinosaurs that just got yanked out of your house but the real trick is found in looking at several windows, years down the road. In other words, one of the most important aspects of any window is not just how nice it looks when new, or how nice it works at that time, but whether these attributes stand up over time.

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Unfortunately, by the time this model year’s windows have aged enough to reveal their true value, people will instead be looking at reviews for future windows which will undoubtedly be selling under a different name than the current edition and will be employing vastly different technology. Except in cases where some line of windows performs disastrously right out of the gate, reviews need to be looked at as a general guide to features rather than a solid guarantee of performance.

With that said, however, a Champion 7100 series windows review still has a number of quantifiable factors to work with and compare against other brands. The first factor to look at is cost. Judged strictly by list price, Champion windows are a little expensive in comparison to other windows with comparable features and materials. Being a nationwide brand, however, means that the Champion business model revolves around three major factors that can make the difference.

The first factor is that of Champion’s propensity towards promotional pricing, which simply means that nobody pays the actual list price. There is always some sort of deal on offer to knock the price down to something more in the neighborhood of what the competition charges. The second factor is that Champion is a national company that can offer nationwide financing under generous terms, which can often make or break the deal for many cash-strapped homeowners. Combined with these pricing factors is the all-inclusive Champion warranty that comes from a company that has been in business for quite a while and has a nationwide reputation to protect.

When you combine the advantages that Champion offers in financing and warranty, it often adds up to a total package that can outweigh individual advantages which other window lines may offer in terms of slightly better features or craftsmanship in specific instances. For those customers who want to install one new set of windows and never mess with the subject again, Champion’s warranty offers very solid reasons to choose them, since everything imaginable is covered by a reputable nationwide firm. The clear winner in quality often changes from one year to the next, but Champion offers a respectable window with the features that most homeowners crave and makes it achievable with their financing packages.

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