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Champion Windows Reviews

Champion windows reviews

Champion windows is a well known brand among homeowners and builders alike. But, some models perform better than others. Often it will depend on the materials and style. Champion is typically priced in the middle, rather than at the higher end. Products come in wood, vinyl clad, and aluminum, depending on the model and style of window being installed.
For a complete account of the various models available, read Champion windows reviews below. A review can help you decide which replacement windows are best for your home and particular situation.

Champion Windows Reviews Table Of Contents

8200 Series Windows

The 8200 series windows consist of foam supported vinyl frames, with low E argon gas and double glazing. The double hung window is the most popular in this series. The 8200 windows are considered moderately priced. There is nothing special about them. In addition, they can vary greatly in price, depending on where they are purchased.

The prices for these windows varies, because some customers will try to negotiate more than others. Those who are willing to walk away from a deal may get a lower price. The 8200 windows are rated for average performance. If consumers can buy them at around $450 installed, they can be a great value.

7100 Series windows

This series is made of aluminum and PVC framework and includes windows in a variety of styles, including single hung, double hung, casement, and sliders. The 7100 is moderately priced. While many consumers like the windows, installation can sometimes be less than professional.

One of the advantages of Champion windows, is that the company makes their own windows and uses its own installers. However, sometimes the installers lack experience, according to some dissatisfied customers. Overall, the 7100 series represents a good value, for those who want basic windows. Sometimes the price is a bit high, according to buyers. The average price is around $600 to $700 per window installed. This includes sill replacement though, when necessary. While the windows are warranted against defects, this does not cover improper installation. So, homeowners must be sure to request the most knowledgeable contractors when ordering windows from Champion. For aluminum and PVC, the price is not bad and is fairly competitive with the products offered by other companies.

2500 Series windows

The 2500 windows are commercial grade products used for building projects. They are designed to work with thicker frames and casings. They can also be ordered to be installed in historical buildings, maintaining the style and integrity of the home or structure. The double hung windows are designed with the tilt feature, for easing cleaning in high rise and other commercial buildings.

Some well known buildings have Champion 2500 series windows installed and they have performed like expected. Overall, the performance and price of Champion windows depends on the type of deal private homeowners can get. By discussion concerns with sales staff in advance, many customers can get their windows installed professionally, at prices comparable to budget windows. But, this will depend on the models selected and the application or type of windows desired.

Champion window reviews are both positive and negative. In general, the performance of the windows is up to par. Installation and service may be a bit lacking. However, this will vary from one region to another. Prices will also vary by region. There doesn’t appear to be a single price for each window model or style.

Champion has been making its own windows for decades. Products are sold through stores and showrooms customers can visit, to select the window models they prefer. Homeowners who want windows of a decent quality can be satisfied with their Champion windows, if they pay close attention to the details of installation.

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