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Harvey Classic Windows Reviews

It isn’t hard to find reviews on any type of window you might be considering buying. The Harvey windows reviews classic are plentiful and different customers and contractors have had different experiences. Review what others say about the product to get a full idea before making a purchase yourself.

Harvey Classic Windows Reviews Table of Contents

Some customers did not have problems with the windows for the first few years and were happy with the purchase. However, after about 3 years, they had seals fail and cloudy spots started to appear between the glass. Some also complained that the tilt and wash mechanism was very hard to use and that sometimes outside tools had to be used to get the sashes back into place. Some of the safety latches fail and the windows have that aspect popped out permanently. Customers were unhappy that they had problems with windows that were less than 3 years old. For the amount of money they have to pay, they expect more quality in performance and other aspects.

Customers also say they got the impression that the seal on the windows had a 20 year warranty on it. But in reality, it was only 10 years. Since the seal often fails and causes fogging between the glass with these windows, they often have to be replaced. The customers did not like being misled.

Those who have issues are sometimes able to get replacement parts and hardware, but they complain that even the new parts break down, causing them to put even more time into the issues.

But there are also customers that are very satisfied with the Harvey classic windows. Some replaced their windows with these nearly a decade ago and say they would recommend them to anyone who asks. The windows, to these individuals, have been effective and look nice as well. They even cut heating bills as far as in half. They are an investment by way of cost initially, but eventually pay for themselves. Customers comment that even the windows on the side of the house that takes a lot of wind or even water beating do well.

The largest complaint about the windows is that when an issue arrives, the warranty leads to a run around from the company. When customers have issues, they are willing to work with the company, but the company is hard pressed to stand behind any of the warranty items. This makes people regret buying them in the first place.

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