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Harvey Tribute Windows Reviews

Harvey Tribute windows reviews

When looking for new windows, it is important to inspect the Harvey windows to get a feel for them so you know what you are getting if you are thinking about purchasing Harvey Tribute windows. You can read all you want on the manufacturer websites, but they will only tell you the good things and not what could go wrong.

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The Harvey tribute windows come in a number of different packages and if you get the high performance package, you are getting an upgraded window that offers more energy savings than the others. This package comes with three panes of glass with spacers that add durability and overall performance. You also get low-E coatings and Krypton glass for energy efficiency. The insulating value of your home should heighten because of the closed foam parts and you will have UV protection as well.

The best thing to do is look for contractors that have used a lot of different windows over the years. They have experience with a variety of options and can compare the outcomes for you. Some contractors love Harvey windows and say they are very impressive. The triple glazing on the windows makes a big difference in the window performance. They are great for homes that sit in cold areas and have to endure tough winters. They prove themselves by keeping the home warm even when the outside glass is freezing cold.

Contractors are also impressed with the air filtration capabilities of these windows, especially in cold temperatures. They say there is a total lack of draft around the windows even when the wind is howling outside. The windows are sealed well when installed correctly. Only the double hung windows get a draft, but professionals say there is only a hint, making them much better than average.

The Harvey Tribute windows also have good aesthetics and make a great upgrade for those looking into vinyl replacements. They don’t look like typical vinyl windows and actually appear more like wood sash windows.

Most contractors seem to be really impressed with these windows. Some started working with them in a skeptical manner because they were not as widespread and well known, but the added cost of the windows generally pays off in the energy savings within just a few years. The windows are low maintenance and nice to look at and work well in many different home situations, especially those that have to endure cold winters.

I might be a little biased in saying this, considering I’m a Boston home-grown, however, In the ten years I’ve been installing these windows, I’ve yet to receive a call back. Like all windows, it really boils down to proper installation techniques and understanding how to compensate for out-of-square-window frames, etc.

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