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Harvey Windows Reviews

Harvey windows reviews

When looking for the right windows for your home, it is a good idea to look at Harvey Windows reviews so you get a good idea what you would receive in terms of windows if you worked with that company. There are lots of different windows under the Harvey name. Take a look at what customers say about each and go from there.

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The Harvey Tribute window is the top of the line triple pane window. It has a lot of features like the lock and tilt latch. It also has double strength glass, double low-E and UV protection. It is even a self cleaning window. Though the window sounds good, some consumers are saying that all Harvey did was come out with a low cost triple pane window to allow stores to charge more for it. The window, overall, is a decent product, but there have been issues with scratches between panes and the self-cleaning aspect, while a great sales pitch, does not really work. The window might stay a bit cleaner, but it will not refrain from collecting dirt ever. Customers do not think the self-cleaning portion is worth the extra money and say that many high end window companies offer this feature with better grades. For the money, the tribute window is decent. It looks nice and is effective and well constructed.


The classic line is less expensive and comes with a 10 year paint warranty and a 20 year glass warranty. The double hung replacement windows come in a variety of styles and colors and can meet many homeowner’s needs. The construction causes this window to be very energy efficient so you can expect to cut energy costs in your home. These windows work well if you need custom shapes and sizes as well. They have a ten year warranty and a ledge that sits in the room so you can set things along them if you’d like.


The slimline windows are a step down from the classic. They have a good glass package and are very nice looking. They do not have triple pane glass, but they can be installed by independent contractors fairly easily. These windows aren’t bad and many customers are satisfied with what they get. However, there are other products out there around the same level with similar or lesser prices that are better all around. The Slimline windows are rather generic, which makes them fit in anywhere, but does not get you the best quality you could have.


If you have a window area that constantly has broken glass, you might consider the impact-resistant Vigilance windows. These were designed with coastal buildings in mind, but they are also good if you live on a golf course and see other strenuous issues around your home. These windows are high in performance and come in a range of lines ups like casement, picture windows, awning and more. They can be put into new constructions or as replacement windows.


The acoustic windows are a popular product that have a wide range of vinyl options. You may get a smaller price on these windows than you would from local companies because the larger manufacturer can give you a better capacity. These windows help to keep the noise levels down, but some customers say that they do not work well. They are acoustic due to the double pane window with a storm window. The company says the installation is the cause but customers are not satisfied that the acoustic portion of the window works for noise reduction. The windows look nice, however, and are tightly sealed.

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