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Harvey Windows Slimline Reviews

Harvey windows reviews Slimline has customers and contractors both admitting that the double hung vinyl windows have a sleek design. The fully welded sash profile and frame give it a small width to maximize the amount of glass available in each window. Customers like this because it lets more light into their homes and cuts back on the amount of space the window seems to take away from the room. The company says it put this technology into place to give customers an attractive window at an affordable price. Some customers may disagree with this assessment because the windows are still rather pricey.

Harvey Windows Slimline Reviews Table of Contents

And while the Slimline design is aesthetically pleasing to most, it also needs to be high quality in performance in order to satisfy buyers all around. The windows qualify for Energy Star rating and come with a glazing package upgrade. Some buyers did not think the upgrade with extra costs was worth the effort. The windows also come with low profile sweep locks. Some customers feel those are nice and stay out of the way. While others say they can jam up and become a hassle. Some have even had to replace them.

The factory is supposed to calibrate the balance on each individual window so it never has to be adjusted or lubricated. Buyers that have had the windows for just a few years seem to be satisfied with this portion of the product. However, once the windows are in place longer, they sometimes stick a bit and consumers start to complain that maybe the factory missed that necessary adjustment.

The windows come with a fiberglass half screen on a standard basis and have upgrades available. These screens are to be rough and tough and stand up against just about anything. Some customers say that they’ve taken a beating and have done very well. Others complain that they have ripped and torn and the Harvey company somehow finds a way to void the warranty involved with that part of the product.

Warranty is the biggest complaint with these windows. Buyers say that the warranty sounds so good up front, but the company rarely stands behind promises or somehow manages to get out of the claims. It could be from technicalities or simply not answering phone calls. Either way, buyers get frustrated when they need help and they can’t get it. They feel like Harvey doesn’t stand behind the product.

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