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Harvey Windows Vigilance Review

Harvey windows vigilance review

In New England, Harvey Windows is a well established brand. The company has many distribution facilities and showrooms throughout this region. With its’ headquarters in Massachusetts, and outlets that cover Maine to Philadelphia, it definitely has a foothold in the Northeast. The company produces a handful of products in various styles. Its’ prices and product quality is classed by most industry commentators as mid range. One benefit of purchasing Harvey Windows is that they can be customized to the size and shape of your choosing. With a selection of numerous materials, the company can deliver windows that are suitable for any building.

Harvey Windows Vigilance Reviews Table of Contents

When it comes to Harvey Windows reviews Vigilance is one model that always attracts a lot of praise. These windows are impact resistant and specially made for coastal regions that often encounter hurricanes and storms. Vigilance windows ought to be capable of withstanding airborne debris, as well as rain and winds. They are a good choice for buildings located in severe weather areas, where high performance is a must. These windows should comply with the majority of coastal building laws. However, always ask your contractor about this, to check that this is so for your country and location.

You can order the Vigilance as a casement, awning, double hung, or with a fixed frame. Also, it can be purchased as either a replacement window, or a new construction. These windows are Energy Star certified, with corrosion resistant, low profile hardware. Their beveled master frames allow for hassle free installation, and their tilt in sashes make cleaning a breeze.

Harvey Vigilance Windows have a lifetime warranty, which covers the screens, extrusion and parts, like the balances, locks, hardware and sash retainers, etc. There is a twenty year warranty on the glass insulated unit. This warranty can be transferred to one other owner, however the subsequent owner’s warranty only runs for twenty years from the original manufacturing date.

Generally speaking, Harvey is regarded as a reliable windows manufacturer that focuses on vinyl replacement windows. The price of Vigilance Windows tends to fall within the $600 to $450 range, for the windows themselves. Installation costs are usually $150 to $50, unless your sill and frames are in poor condition, in which case this may be more expensive. If you are tempted by the Vigilance Series, make sure that you obtain a few different quotes to cross reference the performance numbers (especially the SHGC, U factor and Air Infiltration scores) with models in a similar price range.

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