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Marvin Infinity Windows Reviews

Marvin Infinity windows reviews and ratings

Marvin Infinity Windows are fiberglass replacement windows. These types of windows are meant to imitate the appearance of wooden windows, while offering extra durability. Marvin Infinity Windows are characterized by their traditional, clean line design. For the exterior, there are several Ultrex Fiberglass colors to pick from, which will not spot, chalk, crack or streak. The Ultrex Fiberglass interior colors available include sierra white, stone white and Everwood from Infinity (with a crafted wood grain finish).

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Marvin Infinity Windows have a respectable, but not outstanding, set of NFRC ratings. They have a U Factor rating of 0.30, a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient rating of 0.19, and a Visible Transmittance rating of 0.45. This reflects the fact that the windows are intended to be visually appealing, as opposed to efficient.

Manufactured using Ultrex fiberglass, Marvin Infinity Windows are eight times the strength of vinyl windows. This added strength ensures that every unit remains weather resistant and square through time. Better still, these windows are easy to maintain. They do not have to be sanded, painted or scraped. After your windows are fitted, you do not need to do anything else, apart from admire the views. One final design feature to be aware of is the absence of normal tilt latches. These latches are omitted, in order to achieve an elegant and clean appearance.

Regrettably, the warranty on Marvin Infinity Windows is not as comprehensive as it is on other similarly priced products. Accidental glass breakage is not covered. The insulated glass seal is covered for twenty years, rather than a lifetime. The finish on this fiberglass is covered for ten years, rather than a lifetime. The Ultrex fiberglass is guaranteed for life, until it is transferred – then it is covered for ten years. The hardware, screens and other non glass components are also covered for ten years, rather than a lifetime.

These windows are not particularly good at preventing air infiltration either. This means that they do not offer an effective seal, when it is windy. Therefore, if you live in a windy location, these windows may not be suitable for you.

Most Marvin Infinity Windows reviews say that, although they look good, these windows are less efficient and considerably more expensive than vinyl windows. Therefore, it is highly debatable as to whether the extra price is justified. It might be wiser to opt for wooden windows, with a more comprehensive warranty. For all their visual appeal, when you purchase Marvin Infinity Windows, you are essentially paying for something that resembles the appearance of wooden windows. Real wooden windows would have a more authentic appearance and, depending on the warranty, they ought to last longer too. Moreover, wooden and fiberglass windows are often similarly priced.

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