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Marvin Integrity Windows Reviews

Marvin Integrity windows reviews

A fellow reader wrote in about her experience with Marvin Infinity windows — Thanks, Christine..

When we set about our project to refit the windows at our 4-bedroom home, we did a little research and we were drawn to the excellent feedback given by clients who had used the family owned and operated Marvin, for their renovations and refurbishments. We opted to go with their Integrity Windows throughout the entire upgrade and arranged for a sales representative to visit and talk us through their brochure. I have to say, we were blown away by the selections on offer, we actually changed our minds several times as to which design to go with, but to his immense credit, the rep was extremely accommodating, maintaining a cheery persona throughout and was able to render useful and determining advice.

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From placing our order the windows were delivered in less than 10 days and fitted more or less straight away. We went for an innovative, contemporary look, and this for us, has proved to be an inspired decision. The house looks stunning, earning a constant stream of compliments from family and visitors alike. The windows have been tested by the elements in the extreme, and remain in the same condition as they were upon installation. There is no sign of peeling, cracking or fading what so ever; their durability is extraordinary. The standard of the highest quality, with the adaptations to our own specific specifications proving to be spot on.

As an outstanding finishing touch, we went with a distinctive casing profile, which without doubt has enhanced our curb appeal, by raising the architectural detail of the property. Their low maintenance is an added bonus, with just an occasional wipe down required. The warranties provided were a nice surprise too, with 10 years given on defects and as much as 20 years on the seals. Additionally, the energy efficiency of the windows has had a positive effect from a financial viewpoint, with considerable savings being made on our utility bills. Our own personal favorite is the wonderful out-swinging French doors, which have no side panels and a double casement. They look simply fabulous, better than we imagined they could and really compliment both the interior and exterior appearance.

In undertaking a Marvin Integrity Windows review, we would absolutely recommend using this excellent company and their marvelous products. Any modifications to a home can create a stressful situation, but the professionalism and customer friendly approach of Marvin could not have been any better; overall we had a really good experience and more importantly, now have a home that looks fantastic, thanks to their superior integrity windows.

Christine – Los Angeles, CA

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