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Marvin Ultrex Windows Reviews

Marvin Ultrex windows reviews including warranty & ratings

There are lots of favorable Marvin Ultrex Windows reviews online, so it is worth taking a closer look at this brand. Many architects endorse Marvin Windows, and these professionals refer a significant amount of customers to the company. Marvin windows are premium priced, and sold via independent dealers and home centers. With their decent range of hardware options and nice exterior colors, these windows have considerable appeal.

Marvin Ultrex Windows Reviews Table of Contents

Marvin Integrity Windows are slightly less costly than the company’s ‘full line’ wooden, aluminum clad windows. Integrity windows come in a couple of styles: All Ultrex and Wood Ultrex. These windows feature high strength fiberglass frames (i.e. the ‘Ultrex’). The Wood Ultrex style has wooden cladding on the inside, so it resembles the appearance of a traditional wooden window.

Ultrex is three times the strength of vinyl/wood composites, and eight times the strength of vinyl. Thanks to the strong Ultrex frame, the thickness of the frame can be reduced, which boosts the size of the window’s glass surface area. As a result, you get a better view. Ultrex retains its’ stability when exposed to severe temperatures. Also, it is resistant to harsh corrosives and expands almost as quickly as glass. Therefore, these windows remain sealed and do not leak.

Indeed, the stable nature of these windows ensures consistent operation and performance. Ultrex is extremely robust and prevents excessive contraction and expansion. These windows have the strength to withstand hail, rain, wind and even flying objects. In comparison to unglazed, single pane windows, Ultrex dual pane windows from Integrity, with their LoĒ coating, can cut costs and lower window heat loss by as much as thirty-four percent in cool climates. In warmer climates, they can reduce cooling expenses by as much as thirty-eight percent.

Marvin offers a line of standard window sizes and offers many special order options. The company will customize the size of your windows for remodeling purposes, if required. Also, you can purchase the windows without nailing flanges, if you prefer. One big benefit that these windows have, over their competitors, is the darker colors they come in. Both black and bronze exteriors are available, which are extremely popular in some parts of the US. Before the curing process occurs, a co extruded, patented acrylic cap is fixed straight onto the substrate. This results in a quality finish, with no pinholes or striations. This finish is up to three times thicker than it is on similarly priced products.

Overall, Marvin Integrity Windows are long lasting, low maintenance, robust and visually appealing. These windows outperform vinyl, vinyl/wood composites and roll form aluminum in almost every department. Where other windows may crack, break or bend through time, Integrity Windows remain stable and withstand the elements, without displaying wear or age.

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