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Marvin Windows Reviews

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Marvin Windows and Doors produces one-of-a-kind products under three different lines: Marvin, Integrity and Infinity, and its specialized Ultimate line through its Signature Services. Marvin windows reviews note that the company’s products are made to the exact specifications of each client, whether the windows and doors are for private dwellings, multi-family residences or commercial buildings. The size of the project does not matter; the highly trained staff at Marvin provides the same excellent, personal service and care to each client and each made-to-order project.

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Marvin holds 40 U.S. Patents and is constantly working to create better designs, utilizing only the highest quality materials. Every detail is carefully considered as Marvin maintains its place as an industry leader and keeps setting new, higher standards. Imagine 150,000 energy-efficient options and you are thinking Marvin. Many of its products qualify for the ENERGY STAR® rating. Its windows and doors also meet Passive House criteria and are engineered to provide savings on energy costs for a longtime.

Integrity Series
Marvin windows reviews demonstrate that Integrity windows and doors outlast and outperform those of their competitors. The Integrity Series was created about 20 years ago when Marvin patented the protruded fiberglass known as Ultrex®. The Integrity line remains a smart investment because the products are so tough, long lasting, and efficient. The Ultrex® windows and doors have proven to be stronger than the competition’s that are made of roll-form aluminum, vinyl or vinyl/wood composites.

Why Ultrex® Continues to Be A Leader
Though patented two decades ago, Ultrex® is such a high quality that products made with it continue to be popular and are increasingly being purchased for commercial projects. That is because Ultrex® itself is durable and low-maintenance, and Ultrex® products continue to look good for many years even in the harshest climates.

Because Ultrex® is so much stronger than other products used to make windows and doors, the thickness of the Marvin-made frames can be reduced. As a result of having less frame and more glass, customers are treated to a better view. Even with thinner frames, Ultrex® doors and windows exhibit wonderful stability as they remain straight and true without sagging.

Infinity Series
Marvin created the Infinity Series, also made of Ultrex®, for people who prefer the look of traditional wood in their windows and doors, but who value the energy efficiency and low maintenance of man-made products. Infinity Series featured products of extremely high-quality, durable materials that replicate the look of fine wood but can last a lifetime. Items in the Infinity Series exceed ENERGY STAR® qualifications.

The Infinity line can be ordered from Marvin’s hand-selected independent retailers located across the country. Because the retailers are in your community, you can count on friendly, neighborly service.

Marvin’s Ultimate Series Allows Options, Options and More Options
To surpass even itself, Marvin developed its Signature Services to create its Ultimate in products that allow the customers more choices in every step of the design and product. The goal is to build beautiful, durable windows and doors suitable for every location. The frames must hold up under the most brutal weather, but come in whatever look and material the customer desires. For instance the frames can be vinyl or wood and painted or stained in an incredibly large array of looks suitable for any style of home or office.

Marvin Suggests Shopping Smart
Marvin Windows and Doors wants and expects its customers to shop around to see what is available and to know they are making the best choice for themselves. Marvin suggests that anyone studying windows and doors on the market focus on four aspects: the quality of the materials, the efficiency of the product, whether the design itself is pleasing and the value of the product or how long each will continue to look good and remain maintenance free. Marvin personnel with all the lines are eager to assist customers determine the best fit for each one’s project.

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