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Milgard Windows Reviews

Milgard windows reviews, ratings, complaints and more.

Milgard Windows are distributed mainly in western Canada and America. The company manufactures a comprehensive line of replacement and new construction windows in vinyl, wood, aluminum and fiberglass. Milgard used to own plants on the east coast of America, however those facilities have shut in recent years.

Regrettably, east coast customers, who bought Milgard windows when they were widely available in that area of the country, will probably encounter difficulties with any warranty claims. If you are based in Canada, or on the west coast, that ought not to be a problem though. In the past, Milgard was known largely for its’ new construction windows. However, after the decline in new construction numerous years ago, the company shifted its’ focus to remodeling windows.

Milgard Windows Reviews Table of Contents

Style Line
Quiet Line
Essence Series

Ultra Series
WoodClad Series
Standard Aluminum
Thermally Improved Aluminum

Style Line Windows are a budget option. Essentially, these windows are a stripped down, thinner version of Tuscany Windows (which have a more attractive appearance, as well as screens, spacers and vent stops). Style Line Windows are not so energy efficient. This is why it is sensible to pay ten to twenty percent more for Tuscany Windows, unless you only need windows for a small opening — in which case Style Line is OK. Tuscany Windows are reasonable mid range vinyl windows. They are not elaborate, however they do everything that is required (i.e. they open and shut well, and they are energy efficient and affordable).

Montecito Windows are intended for use on new construction projects. Montecito Garden Windows are specially designed to let light in, to produce a suitable environment for plants. These windows do not need much maintenance, because the vinyl frames basically care for themselves. If you perform some basic maintenance, like dusting the track then cleaning the glass using soapy water, you will help to extend the lifespan of Montecito Windows.

Quiet Line Windows block sound by an extra thirty percent, compared to Milgard’s other windows. This is useful if you live close to a freeway or airport. All Quiet Line Windows are double glazed, and have inbuilt sound panels.

Wood and Fiberglass Options With Milgard Windows

•WoodClad Series (fiberglass)
•Ultra Series (fiberglass)
•Essence Series (wood)

Both Essence and Ultra Windows are dependable, even though Milgard is not really known for these specific frame materials. WoodClad (as you would expect) has an interior wooden veneer, and Ultra has a fiberglass white interior. Neither of these windows are inexpensive, as they have similar features to Andersen 100 and Marvin Integrity Windows, which cost less and offer equally good design elements and customer support. Although Milgard fiberglass windows look nice, it is debatable whether they are worth paying extra for.

Aluminum Options With Milgard Windows

•Thermally Improved Aluminum
•Standard Aluminum

Milgard’s appealing aluminum line of windows features their regular product and an upgraded version. Normally, aluminum is used on commercial structures, however it is a welcome addition to modern properties, where strength and style is the primary focus, rather than the window’s energy efficiency. Similar to other big manufacturers, Milgard produces many of its’ products in
a range of styles, offers customers numerous glass package upgrades and options, and offers several SDL and grid configurations.

Final Thoughts

Most Milgard Windows reviews are quick to praise the company’s extensive product range. Milgard is a reputable manufacturer that offers decent products at fair prices. The company is notably popular with west coast homeowners, and its’ Tuscany Windows Series has sold record amounts across the western states. As long as you get the installation completed by a trustworthy contractor, you ought to be pleased with the results.

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