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Reliabilt Windows 3201 Series Reviews

reliabilt 3201 series window review

There are a lot of things you should know about windows and the companies that sell them. Once you zero in on a company and even a window series, it is a good idea to read the Reliabilt window reviews 3201 series so you know exactly what you are in for before you pay that much money.

Reliabilt 3201 Windows Reviews Table of Contents

Reliabilt sells windows mainly through big box stores like Home Depot, Lowes and more. The windows are made by Atrium Windows and relabeled as Reliabilt. This sounds confusing to customers who know the background story, but it’s very common within the industry.

Reliabilt has a lot of different window series and instead of giving them descriptive names, they have given them numbers. Customers comment that this is also confusing and they would prefer the windows to have a word-related name instead of a number to help avoid this confusion.

Overall, this company makes low to mid grade vinyl windows that are both affordable as well as high in quality, performance and design. It is still important to pair the right installer with the project in order to get the desired results. Even the best windows will not work right if they are not installed properly.

The 3201 window series is an updated version of the 5600 model. Confused yet? The 5600 model is one of the least expensive vinyl windows. The 3201 series comes in almond or white and has a fully welded mainframe as well as fusion welded sashes. You also get three grid options. These windows are not great for long term solutions. They are low grade vinyl windows. However, they are better than old windows and they can make a house look nice and can even cut back on energy bills.

Customers find that they windows are great if they want a temporary solution. Those who have really old windows and want to replace them in a cheap manner in order to sell the house love these windows. Those who are staying in their home longer may see issues. The windows are inexpensive in comparison to other windows, but that means they break down faster and easier. Some customers have issues with drafts coming from the windows while others complain that a few parts have broken and they have trouble getting replacement parts for this series.

Since Reliabilt is one of the best window companies on the market, even the 3201 series is decent. It is just not all that long lasting.

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