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Reliabilt Windows Reviews

reliabilt windows reviews and complaints

It is quite widely known that Lowes is the main seller of Reliabilt Windows. Lowes outsources the majority of its’ manufacturing to other firms, then purchases in bulk, so that it can offer competitive prices to customers. In this situation, Atrium Windows is the firm that designs and makes the products. After these products are sold to Lowes, they are re branded with the Reliabilt Windows logo. This practice is fairly common in the vinyl replacement industry. Atrium Windows was established in 1948, more than six decades ago. It is a well known firm that has acquired a reputation as a leading windows manufacturer. It oversees all of its’ manufacturing from beginning to end, which ensures that its’ products are of the highest quality. Here are some Reliabilt Windows that are presently available:

Reliabilt Windows Reviews Table of Contents

The Reliabilt 3500 Series

The 3500 Series is Reliabilt’s top end range of windows. These windows are a re branded version of the highly regarded Atrium 8700 product line. They have reinforced aluminum multicavity frames, for optimum durability and strength. They are sleek and fashionable, while offering good weather protection and energy efficiency. The available colors are bronze, white and almond, and the style choices include regular, cottage and oriel. These windows are DP35 rated as standard, although a DP50 rating can be requested, as an optional upgrade, when you purchase them. DP ratings measure the degree of protection windows offer from the wind. Therefore, higher ratings are the most beneficial. If you reside in a location that is especially windy, the DP50 is the most appropriate option for you.

The Reliabilt 3301 Series

The Reliabilt 3301 Series is a decent, mid range line of windows, which shares many similarities with the 3201 Series (see below). These vinyl windows have good features for night ventilation, with sloping window sills that prevent the accumulation of water. Also, they have small latches that can be opened to allow the air in. With regards to physical appearance, these windows have a slight edge over the 3201 model, because they have beveled mainframes. All in all, this model seems less stripped down and a little more put together than the 3201. Undoubtedly, this line of windows has proven a hit with homeowners up and down America.

The Reliabilt 3201 Series

The 3201 Series is Reliabilt’s budget line of windows. Although they are less expensive, they still represent good value. The 3201 Series was introduced to replace the well known and successful Reliabilt 5600 Series. These windows are made from vinyl and their frames are completely welded. The two colors they come in are white and almond. This range has a few different style options that customers can pick from. There is the regular grid design, the popular oriel style, and the much coveted cottage style grid design. The frames on these windows have fusion welded sashes. This creates a tight seal that retains heat effectively. It also gives the windows a great deal of strength. Rubber seals are included on these windows too, which makes them highly resistant to the weather.

Some Reliabilt Windows reviews dismiss the brand as cheap and unreliable. Nonetheless, the products do come with limited lifetime warranties on the glass, vinyl and moving parts. If there is not a Lowes store local to you, there are numerous websites online that sell these kinds of windows. It is easy to comparison shop for windows online, and this is certainly recommended before you part with any cash. Make your choice sensibly, and you will get an attractive set of Reliabilt windows for your property, which will stand the test of time.

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