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Silverline Windows 1200 Series Reviews

Silverline 1200 series windows reviews

When you are looking into replacement windows, you may zero in on the silverline windows, specifically the 1200 series. It is a good idea to take a look at Silverline windows Reviews 1200 series that come from other consumers and even contractors who have experience installing them.

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Silverline Windows Reviews

The Silverline windows in the 1200 series come at a modest price, but the manufacturer says this can be deceiving. Of course they want you to believe you are getting a lot for your money. They say these replacement windows are standard and low maintenance. They also say they dive you aesthetic appeal and a lifetime warranty.

The 1200 series features energy efficient insulated glass that helps to save you on your energy bills. You should see a reduction in heating and cooling costs when you buy and install these windows. They also have fusion welded vinyl frames and a sash to create a weather tight atmosphere around them. No more drafts coming into your home even if it’s windy outside. The dual weatherstripping should also help with the drafts.

These windows have a top and bottom sash tilt so you can clean them from inside. And the profile gives you a nice appearance no matter what your home style might be. The grilles on these windows are sealed between the glass so you don’t have to ever worry about cleaning them.

The sales pitch for windows can differ a lot from the overall experience, however. Some customers buy them because everything sounds good, but then they receive a significant amount of streaking within the panes. Some people complain that the windows won’t open any more and that you can see the streaks a lot more when the sun hits. Sometimes the sashes are faulty and need to be replaces. This is something that could have been true upon installation, but if the installer doesn’t notice, it becomes a problem.

But some contractors still recommend this series. It is an upgrade from other lines and usually ends up costing less in the long run. It can have an overall effectiveness and has a good performance rating. That does not mean the 1200 series is for everyone. There are certainly problems out there and things that can happen. It is best to inspect all of the lines and prices to make an informed decision before you jump in and buy the Silverline 1200 series windows.

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