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Silverline Windows 8500 Series Reviews

silverline 8500 series windows reviews

When looking at the Silverline windows, you will have plenty of options. The Silverline windows Reviews 8500 series tells you what you need and want to know about the 8500 series window line.

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Silverline Windows Reviews

The 8500 windows are filled with argon and low-E glass. The sales pitch indicates that you are getting nothing but the best. But the same can be said about any window you purchase. These windows come from a lot of the big box stores such as Lowes and Home Depot. Many of them are also sold directly to builders. They are considered low budget and can by bought, including installation, for about $300 a window. The problem with the low budget is that the windows can cost a lot more than that if something goes wrong with them later.

And consumers do have problems with these windows later. Some of the double hung windows have streaking inside the interior pane and some refuse to open at all. The streaking shows more when the sun comes through the window and it can simply look like the window needs to be cleaned. But after cleaning the windows, consumers realize it is the pane of glass that is faulty, not the cleaning techniques.

Buyers also struggle with the sashes on these windows. Sometimes it is due to installation or even shipping damage and other times they just go bad on the window. Some of the issues due to sashes are due to installer error, but homeowners believe that too results from sub par products and do not place blame on the installer alone.

Contractors like to install these windows because of the builder’s grade and low price. Buyers who get the regular windows later wish they got the glass package upgrade, which costs $50 more per window, but can upgrade the performance rating and overall effectiveness on the windows quite a bit.

Customers are aggravated by the way these windows are presented and sold. Salespeople in the big stores say they are the best and customers believe it. But after installing the windows, even those with bells and whistles, they have nothing but problems. Some have to replace sashes, others see the rubber seals between the glass failing, which prevents the Low-E from doing its job. After ten years, some customers see all of the sashes fail on the windows. The lifetime warranty can help, but it can also be a pain to get the company to replace the necessary items.

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