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Silverline Windows Reviews

Silverline windows reviews

Silverline vinyl replacement windows are manufactured by Andersen. This firm has been in operation since 1947, and manufactures many different types of replacement windows. It distributes Silverline products nationwide, via numerous distribution channels. These products, which all have a limited lifetime warranty, share many similarities with American Craftsman Windows, which Andersen sells in home improvement stores. Several Silverline windows reviews online comment that Andersen has a poor reputation, as far as vinyl windows are concerned. In fact, their dealer network staff frequently tell customers that Renewal by Andersen vinyl windows are atrocious. Although this is an exaggeration, it does reflect the image problem that Andersen has to cope with.

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Silverline 1200 Series
Silverline 3000 Series
Silverline 3600 Impact Series
Replacement windows reviews

Silverline 1200 series window

Silverline 1200 Series double hung windows are affordable, energy efficient and visually appealing. They have a tilt in sash at the bottom and top, and the beveled design complements any decor. The interlocking sash prevents drafts, and the heavy duty, fusion welded vinyl is low maintenance. These windows are Energy Star certified and the vent latches keep them secure, while facilitating easy ventilation.

Silverline 3000 series window

Silverline 3000 Series double hung vinyl windows have fusion welded sashes, and vinyl frames. This creates weather tight, strong corners. The sashes at the bottom and top tilt in to make cleaning easier. The true sloped sill stops water from accumulating on the sill, then leaking into a property. Dual weatherstripping almost eradicates drafts, and the tackle and block balance system provides a dependable, smooth operation. The windows’ exterior siding can be easily trimmed, thanks to the integral J channel, and the traditional brick mold design gives an authentic appearance. Heat loss is minimized with low E3 glass, which has argon gas insulation (the U factor rating is 0.30). Also included is a color coordinated cam action lock, and a half screen with fiberglass charcoal screening.

Silverline 3600 Impact series

The Silverline 3600 Impact Series is intended to be used to replace doors and windows on coastal properties. These products are made with reinforced metal, for additional strength when required. The laminate glass is impact resistant, and protects properties from damage caused by rain and wind. The fusion welded, robust vinyl construction is also energy efficient, durable and easy to maintain.

Silverline 8500 Series

Silverline 8500 Series double hung vinyl windows feature low e2 glass, tilt in sashes, exterior screens, super spacers, constant force balancing systems and dual weatherstripping. These windows have argon fills and a U factor rating of 0.34. For a better quality window and stronger frame, customers will need to purchase the upgraded 9500 Series model.

Silverline 9500 Series

Silverline 9500 Series Replacement Windows have a fusion welded, heavy gauge vinyl construction, which allows them to withstand the weather. These windows are aesthetically pleasing, thanks to the optional brass tone grilles and interior oak laminate. Also, the high strength Low e2 glass offers energy efficiency, comfort and peace and quiet. These windows are customized to fit current openings, which makes replacement a reasonably straightforward task.

Silverline 9520 Series

Silverline 9520 Series windows are made with specialized hardware, tough vinyl and reinforced metal, for extra protection against heavy rain and winds. These windows are user friendly and simple to clean, due to the tilt in sashes at the bottom and top, and the sleek opening mechanism. The high sill dam provides air infiltration and further protection against water in severe weather conditions. For additional strength and security, the innovative reinforced lock engages automatically, once the sash is shut. These windows are Energy Star certified, and have been thoroughly tested to nationally approved standards.

As demonstrated above, Silverline offers a lot of different models. For a large manufacturer, this is a wise decision, because it allows them to provide an extensive range of new construction and replacement window products. These windows are sold on the west and east coast, and impact windows are available in areas affected by hurricanes.

Silverline window warranties

Silverline warrants that its’ products are defect free under normal usage. This covers the insulated glass, mainframe, mechanical components, parts and sills. It does not cover the installation or repair costs to remove or replace the windows. This warranty can not be transferred, and only relates to the initial buyer. Just like all windows warranties, there are several restrictions and exclusions that apply.

It is worth bearing in mind that Andersen has opted to manufacture cheaper vinyl windows, to avoid any competition with their profitable and popular wooden windows. This way, customers don’t have to choose between purchasing Andersen 400 Series wooden windows, and Silverline Windows. These two brands are poles apart, in terms of price and quality.

Although this is a sensible business practice for Andersen, it does mean that the cheap Silverline products sometimes fail to measure up to the demands of customers. Therefore, if you are searching for a highly cost effective option, Silverline may be the answer. However, if you want to install quality, long lasting windows on your property, you are probably best advised to search elsewhere.

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