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Simonton Reflections 5050 Reviews

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Simonton is a company that has very good windows. And there are a number of different window series under the Simonton name. When it comes to the Simonton Reflections 5050 Review, buyers have decent things to say. These windows are the same as the Prism Platinum series apart from cosmetic differences. They have super spacers and double strength glass. They also have low solar heat gain options to help combat heat.

Simonton Windows 5050 Reviews Table of Contents

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Customers do complain that these windows are not available in casements so if you want casements only, you have to go with a different series. You can get thinner frames or larger frames which results in smaller glass. The vinyl casement is always good if you have a thick frame and a double hung window.

These windows are low-E, which helps you to qualify for tax credits. Unfortunately, they are rather high in price but you can look at it from another angle and reassure yourself that you’ll get money back in taxes. You can also expect to save money on your energy bills in the long run.

When customers complain they don’t like the look of these windows, it is mainly because they are of the vinyl style. This style looks cheaper than other styles, but it is still a very good window.

Some Simonton Reflections 5050 Review buyers state that there is a large drawback on these windows. They do not have balance covers. The balance covers are small pieces of vinyl that snap into the side of the frame to cover the window balance area. The small strip costs very little to produce and attach, but it is completely left out of this model. Without that balance you have a channel in the frame where dust can settle as time goes by. It is hard to clean this area out and it makes the windows look less finished when you compare to other windows.

The windows also feature optional screens that have the spline on the outside of the frame. This is often seen in lower end windows and can lead to maintenance down the road since the spline is exposed to the elements.

These windows have a comparable simonton reflections 5050 warranty that goes along with all of the others. However, overall, reviewers say it is a lower end product from a respected company. It has a cheaper look because it is cheaper, but only by $10-20 per window.

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