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Simonton Windows Reviews

Simonton windows reviews

When you buy new windows, you are making a big investment in your home. You want those windows to look nice, work well, and last a long time. Instead of reading company websites, which will only tell you the good things about the windows, it is a good idea to read what other buyers have said about the product. The Simonton windows reviews vary quite a bit.

Simonton Windows Reviews Table of Contents

  • Madeira
  • Verona
  • Vantage Point 6500
  • Prism Bronze
  • Prism Silver
  • Prism Gold
  • Prism Platinum
  • Lumera hinged patio doors
  • Sliding patio doors


5500 Series
Many buyers have found the 5500 series windows to be sufficient all the way up to fantastic. They do well in heavy rain and wind storms and cause no leakage or problems inside. Some installations leave a gap between the windows, but that does not mean they are not tight. The installation usually includes foam that makes things air tight no matter how it looks. To many buyers, the contractor that installs it is even more important than the window option itself. The installation can make or break how many buyers feel about the 5500 series windows.

6500 series
Reviews on the 6500 series windows are polarizing. Customers either love them or hate them. Some call them the best window on the market while others say they do not hold up well against high heat in warmer climates. Customers who complain about this say the insulation peals off and does not stay open and the windows fog over easily with humidity. The vinyl materials cause problems in record heat areas.

Other complaints include those revolving around the simonton warranty. The limited warranty for glass, for example, does not include scratches or imperfections that cannot easily be seen from 4 feet away. Some customers complain that the glass does not clean well and that the windows come with flaws. But the coloring of the windows seems to be a winner since it matches many different woodworks and other housing decorations.

Prism Platinum Series
The prism series is one of the largest replacement series within the company. The windows are highly available, but they sometimes reduce the level of quality control because of that. The platinum series is not the fanciest window on the market, though they sound as though they should be because of their name. They are sturdy and reliable and vinyl. The reflection from the window isn’t always great, but they are priced in a competitive manner and build well.

Overall, customers hint that the naming of the various lines within the simonton name can be confusing. The Reflections 5300 series is the same as the Prism Ultra God series. Changing the names based on geographic areas and other elements gets to be too much. Consumers prefer it to be as simple as possible. Pick a name and go with it universally so it is easy to pick out no matter where you live or what you need.

Many of the Simonton windows are great for noise reduction and energy efficiency while others scratch more easily and do not fit as well. Sometimes, you get what you pay for so look at the prices carefully.

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