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Sunrise Restorations Windows Reviews

Sunrise Restorations Windows Review

Sunrise Doors and Windows is a leading vinyl window firm. The products it makes are comparable in price and quality to Soft Lite and Okna windows. Similar to these other brands, all Sunrise windows use modern tackle and block balance systems. The firm is located in Michigan, and distributes its’ products around this region. However, these products are not offered in western states. The firm’s primary window lines – Restorations, Essentials and Vanguard – are only distributed to a limited extent. Typically, to reduce competition, these products are sold to a single retailer in each market.

Sunrise Restorations Windows Reviews Table of Contents

Sunrise Restorations Windows are among the most highly regarded vinyl windows available. Like the Vanguard Series, these windows have foam filled frames, sash reinforcements, high transparency screens and MaxEdge Spacers. There is more than one Sunrise Restorations Windows review online that mentions the impressive VT ratings. This means that the windows let more sunlight in, compared to most vinyl replacement windows. Their slender frame construction increases the viewing area by up to twenty-seven percent. This feature has proven popular with many customers. Along with their thin frames, the excellent sash locks make these windows visually appealing. They have attractive interior veneers that bear close resemblance to real wood.

Sunrise Restorations Windows are made from insulating materials of the highest quality. As a result, they are effective at protecting homeowners from heat during the summer, and from cold during the winter. Customers enjoy .04 air infiltration and a .26 U value, which are both fantastic performance figures. The draftblock weatherstripping offers a solid barrier to the air and wind, by combining a few weatherstripping layers with a central double fin for added strength. The dual sill closed cell weatherstrip seals, and specially made air block balance chamber, will last for a long time.

The SecureSeal meeting rails provide impressive durability and strength, thanks to their fiberglass structural core. The polyurethane insulation also delivers unrivaled performance, along with the triple weatherstrip barrier. Certainly, the UltraCore polyurethane used to insulate these windows offers a level of insulation, similar to what you find on freezer doors. Irrespective of the outdoor temperature, you are sure to remain comfortable indoors. The technologically advanced FiberCore structure boosts the toughness of Restorations windows, compared to other similarly priced replacement windows.

All of the above features are covered by a comprehensive SureCare package. This offers customers a guarantee that their windows will be fitted by a qualified Restorations technician. Also, the product is backed by a full warranty that extends to the installation, as well as the windows themselves. Often, when you buy a new set of windows, you are seeking to remedy a problem caused by your current windows. If you need to reduce heat loss in your home, or block out the cold winter winds, you can’t go far wrong with Restorations windows.

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