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Window World 6000 Series Reviews

window world 6000 series windows reviews

Window World is America’s biggest replacement window installation company. On the Internet, opinion about this company is divided, because there are negative and positive reviews in equal measure. However, it does appear that many of the negative reviews come from competitors, whereas the positive reviews tend to come from customers, who like the company and the windows it produces.

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The Comfort World 6000 windows have sloped sills, which are attractive to look at and useful, in that they stop water and air infiltration. The sliding and double hung windows have beveled mainframes that fit in with the decor of any property. Dead air is trapped in the multi chamber construction, to generate a comfortable insulating barrier. The sashes and frames are both fusion welded and thick. This serves as long term protection against moisture and air infiltration, and offers extra strength to the structure. All of this results in reduced energy bills.

The full balance covers on the 6000 Series safeguard against air infiltration and give the window frames a refined appearance. The dual ventilator locks keep the windows open securely, for correct ventilation. The sashes at the top and bottom tilt inwards, which allows for effective indoor cleaning. The constant force balance mechanism is easy to control, as it does away with weights, pulleys and sash cords. The half or full fiberglass screens offer ventilation, while deterring insects. Water and air infiltration is further counteracted, by the triple barrier weatherstripping in between the jamb and sash.

The sashes and vinyl frames on the 6000 Series do not warp, peel or crack. The solid, tough virgin vinyl has color incorporated throughout, which prolongs the life of the attractive finish. The interlock at the sash meeting rails forms a strong seal that prevents air infiltration. This adds to the well being, comfort and security of the property occupants. The longevity and performance of the windows is enhanced by the Warm Edge PPG Interlock Spacer System. The drop in glazing is visually appealing from indoors, and energy efficient. The concealed screen track creates crisp lines and extra beauty, and the completely extruded lift rails add durability and strength.

Most Window World 6000 Series reviews concur that this window line is of reasonable quality. While they are not earth shatteringly amazing, they are not particularly bad either. Window World has fairly competitive pricing, however you might find a better deal out there if you shop around.

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