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Window World Reviews

Window World reviews and complaints 189.00 window

Window World is America’s biggest window replacement installation firm. Some Window World reviews online are less than favorable, however it is important to put this criticism into context. The firm operates as a franchise, so the service you receive will depend on the particular owner of the franchise. Some franchise owners run many outlets throughout the US, whereas others just run one. Although most of these owners run their businesses ethically and offer a good service, not all of them do. Window World sell a broad range of products, which are made by the Ohio based manufacturer Associated Materials, Inc.

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All Comfort World windows feature energy preserving insulation technology, resulting in smaller utility bills for you. Vinyl replacement windows from Comfort World use technology that has been proven to boost a property’s insulation, by as much as twenty-four percent. Therefore, after you have bought and installed these windows, you will recover the cost of them within months.

Comfort World 2000 Series

Comfort World 2000 Single Slider and Single Hung Windows are notable for their attractive appearance, user friendliness, energy efficiency, simple maintenance, and wide choice of decorative options. Undoubtedly, these windows will enhance the environment of any home. The side loaded sash works on a couple of pre-calibrated, concealed tackle and block sash balances. The full capture sill improves protection from water and air infiltration. The side loaded sash at the bottom ensures that cleaning is quick and safe from inside the property. Additional security is provided by a Euro snap lock (which is optional) or a cam lock (which comes as standard).

Comfort World 4000 Series

Most customers agree that the Comfort World 4000 line of windows adds to the value and aesthetic appeal of their properties. As well as being visually attractive, these windows are amazingly stable, solid and sturdy. Also, the sash design and beveled master frame is extremely refined and slender. This transforms the look of your home, both on the interior and exterior.

Comfort World 4000 Windows require little maintenance, as the tilt in sashes allow for easy cleaning. Also, the vinyl frames do not peel, chip, warp or crack and never require caulking or painting. These double hung windows are energy star certified in all fifty states. Their outstanding all weather performance will slash your cooling and heating expenses noticeably.

Comfort World 6000 Series

Comfort World 6000 Windows are a high end line of vinyl windows. These have received luke warm feedback from installers, primarily due to their snap in sill that many regard as an integral design fault. Nonetheless, these windows are soundproof, picturesque and increase the value of your property. Also, they are less expensive than similar high quality windows available from other window firms, department stores or home improvement stores. You can customize these windows however you wish. You can opt for standard vinyl replacement windows, or gas filled, double pane premier window fittings with interior grids. They have screens that move out and in for cleaning or storage. You could also add a customized exterior trim.

Window World reviews online often claim that the firm exploits its’ installation teams. Usually, installation crews are third party providers, who’s pay is based on the number of windows they install. Therefore, the more windows they fit each day, the larger their income. Often, this makes the team extremely efficient, however it might also result in contractors working too quickly, and hurrying to finish an installation. Notwithstanding, any firm that installs large numbers of windows each year is bound to encounter a few problems. In reality, the quality is unlikely to be noticeably affected, so this should not be regarded as a major negative.

Window World Complaints

Window World has also been criticized for its’ advertising tactics. Their adverts imply that installations cost about $189. However, in practice, the majority of installations fall within the $300 to $400 range per window. Some people believe that this is a bit misleading. Although their prices are still fairly competitive, they are not generally as low as they claim in their adverts.

Other Window World reviews have made negative comments about the firm’s salespeople. Nonetheless, all companies with large sales forces have problems with overly pushy staff every now and then, so this is hardly a serious issue. In fact, other Window World customers report that the sales reps they dealt with were extremely pleasant. Moreover, the firm has confidence in its’ products, because it offers a lifetime guarantee including glass breakage. Just be wary of any salesperson who claims that the firm manufactures its’ own trim products or windows. Window World does not manufacture anything, although it does install many sliding patio doors and windows.

Bear in mind that most of the negative feedback about Window World will not be a factor for your circumstances. However, you should look for reviews from people who live near to you. This will give you an accurate indication of how reputable your local franchise is.

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